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Name: Antestreia
Web Page: http://antestreia.blogspot.com/
Mail Contact: antestreia.blog[at]gmail.com
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Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/AntestreiaBlog

Some information about our history.

June 2003

Foundation! First post

February 2004

Covering the first festival: Fantasporto

(followed since then)

April 2004

First colaborator César Nóbrega

December 2004

First colaboration by Filipe Lopes

May 2005

First foreign festival: Cannes

(followed since then)

First colaboration by António Reis

November 2005

First colaboration by António Pascoalinho

June 2006

Temporary stop

October 2006

Trip to Sitges

(followed since then)

January 2007

Return to activity

November 2007

Trip to San Sebastian Horror Week

Jury at Ourense Festival

(followed since then)

Interview given to Quarto Escuro

February 2008

Gadget with weekly releases

September 2008

Coverage of MotelX

(followed since then)

January 2009

Colaboration with Take Magazine

Gadget with Fantasporto program

(repeated yearly)

October 2009

Halloween Special

Novemeb 2009

Special about Singing actors

December 2009

Globos Cinema Notebook

Third place at Best Cinema Blog

Guest author at Split Screen

February 2010

Partnership with SciFiWorld

March 2010

Organization of First Blog Meeting

Guest author at Um Dia Fui Ao Cinema and kick off of section Colheita Seleccionada

Super Bock Blog Awards

Sixth place in section Culture and Leisure

June 2010

Jury at festival Porto7

(supported since first edition)

November 2010

First award: TCN Blog Awards

Two victories out of three nominations, in a total of six categories
Wiiner Best Initiative - Blog Meeting at Fantasporto
Wiiner Best Blogger - Nuno Reis
Second place Best Colective Blog
Not eligible for Revelation Blog, Individual Blog, Bloggers Award

Guest author at Um Dia Fui Ao Cinema

Coverage of Bragacine

Partnership with Terrorifilo (Uruguay) for the publication of the comic Cazadores del Terror

December 2010

Partnership with Cine+Comics (Spain), Klowns Asesinos (Spain)

Guest author at Dial P For Popcorn

January 2011

New awards at Cinebloggers Awards

Three victories ou of six nominations in eight categories
Best Blog of Cinema
Best Blog of Cinema Reviews
Best Blog of Cinema Articles
Nominated for Best Blog of Cinema News
Nominated for Best Design in a Blog of Cinema
Nominated for most Charismatic Blog of Cinema
Not eligible to Revelation Awards, Foreign Blog

Invited to the expert panel of Cinebulição (lasted until early 2012)

March 2011

Organised a new Blog Meeting at Fantasporto. Nuno Reis appointed as Comissioner for the event by th organization of the festival.

April 2011

Programmer of Tertulia about Nouvelle Vague, suggested Céline et Julie Vont en Bateau

May 2011

Media Partner of Black&White Film Festival

(covered since 2008)

June 2011

Special about Woody Allen covering the entire movie career of the artist (50 films).

Media partner at the Short Film Festival of Valadares

(covered since then)

July 2011

Jury at Avanca Film Festival

(covered since 2009)

November 2011

Triple nomination at TCN Awards 2011

Start of the book review section

January 2012

Second place at best blog award TCN 2011, third place at best blogger, third best review

Announced the arrival of SciFiWorld Portugal through a partnership with Antestreia

February 2012

Founding member of Portuguese Online Critics Circle

June 2012

Jury Valadares Short Film Festival

July de 2012

Launch of domains O Filme.pt and A Curta.pt

September 2012

Founding member of Cinema Bloggers Awards

October 2012

Blogger-a-week at SyFy Channel

November 2012

First highlighted blog at Mundo do Cinema retrospective of portuguese blogs of cinema