19 de agosto de 2007

Um post puxa o outro

E por ter colocado no post aqui abaixo as imitações de Kevin Spacey no programa "Inside the Actors Studio", acho fulcral relembrar a actuação de Hugh Laurie ao piano entoando um tema seu intitulado Mistery. Brilhante Laurie.

All my life has been a mystery
You and I were never ever meant to be
It's why I call my love for you a mystery

Different country
You and I have always lived in a different country
And I know that airline tickets don't grow on-a-tree
So what kept us apart is plain for me to see
That much at least is not really a mystery

I live in a houseboat on an estuary
Which is handy for my work with the Thames Water Authority
But I know you would have found it insanitary

Taken a violent dislike to me
I'd be foolish to ignore the possibility
That if we ever actually met, you might have hated me
Still, that's not the only problem that I can see...

Dead since 1973
You've been dead now . . . wait a minute, let me see
Fifteen years come next Jan-yoo-a-ree
As a human being you are history

So why do why I still long for you?
Why is my love so strong for you?
Why did I write this song for you?
Well, I guess it's just... a mystery

Mystery, Hugh Laurie

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